Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does preclearance for private aircraft entail?

Preclearance for private aircraft involves extending U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operations in Aruba beyond scheduled commercial travelers to include the processing of flights meeting the criteria for private aircraft under 19 CFR 122.1(h). This process ensures that a comprehensive inspection of documents, baggage, and agricultural items is conducted before the private aircraft departs. It is important to note that all laws and regulations for entering the United States apply to this preclearance process.

How does this program apply to chartered aircraft?

The conditions set for private aircraft also extend to non-scheduled commercial flights, including chartered aircraft. To initiate preclearance for chartered aircraft, a request must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. Approval for preclearance is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What is the maximum passenger/crew capacity for any non-scheduled charter aircraft or GA flight request for preclearance services at the CBP GA facility?

The maximum passenger/crew capacity may not exceed 19 individuals per GA flight request.

Will this program include any other types of aircraft processing?

No. The United States-Aruba Preclearance Agreement does not provide for the preclearance of cargo or military aircraft.

Who can be precleared?

All travelers meeting the regular documentary requirements for entering the United States on private and chartered aircraft may be precleared. On May 22, 2008, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the Aruban government amended the 1994 Preclearance Agreement to include a provision for the expansion to preclearance service of General Aviation (GA) aircraft.

Can animals be precleared in Aruba?

The only animals eligible to be precleared are pet dogs, cats, and birds. They must be accompanied by a health certificate that includes rabies vaccination information and be free of sickness or other anomalies. Passengers with live birds must have a completed Veterinary Services (VS) permit and must schedule an inspection of the bird by Veterinary Services at the port of destination. The permit, VS Form 17-135, must accompany the bird at the time of inspection.

What are CBP’s operating hours for private and charter aircraft at Aruba?

Preclearance of GA aircraft is conducted Monday through Sunday from 0800-1600 EST (0930-1700 EDST). The request is also determined by the PC service hours as indicated by JET-TNCA and Aruba Airport Authority N.V. For questions regarding permitted departure times for pre-cleared GA flight requests, please call (international): 297-588-2465 or 297-524-2530.

What are the program conditions for requesting and operating GA preclearance flights in Aruba?

Pilots of Private Aircraft and non-scheduled commercial carriers, or their representatives, must:

• Request and be approved preclearance services at least 24 hours in advance of departure and before the close of business the previous day.
• Submit an electronic manifest (APIS) no later than 60 minutes prior to inspection start time.
• Present travelers, all baggage, and the aircraft for inspection to the CBP facility.
• Remove all personal effects from the aircraft for the preclearance inspection.
• Ensure servicing of the aircraft is conducted before its physical CBP inspection.
• Comply with other CBP requirements as indicated on and in the “CBP Preclearance of General Aviation Summary Guide.”

How do I request preclearance services from CBP in Aruba?

Requests are made by sending the request and form attached below via Email to JET-TNCA at or via phone call: 297-588-2465 or 297-524-2530.

Where can aircraft land in the United States after being precleared at Aruba?

A list of CBP approved airports, in addition to other details on private aircraft processing, is available in the attached document.

Where can I get information about Reina Beatrix International Airport at Oranjestad, Aruba?

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