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About Aruba

Known for its refreshing trade winds, soothing temperatures and miles of white sand beaches, Aruba is a favorite destination to millions of international vacationers and receives the highest number of repeat visitors in the Caribbean.

The island offers a wide variety of luxury accommodations, ranging from high-end hotel brands to private villas and homes, along with upscale shopping outlets of renowned brands. Aruba is home to a dozen casinos, hundreds of restaurants and bars, a bustling nightlife and host to unique events as the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival and the annual Aruba Open International Beach Tennis Championships.

Practical information

When entering Aruba, please be advised you’ll need to fill out a mandatory Aruba immigration/disembarkation card. Find the card here.

Aruba uses 110 volts. The currency is Aruban florin, yet US dollar is accepted island wide.

For an overview of inadmissible items for Aruba click here.

General travel advisories for the Aruba Airport can be found here.

Island information


Aruba has a mostly dry and sunny, desert climate with more sunny days than any other Caribbean island. The average annual temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius). Rainfall can be expected between September and November. Highest temperatures over 90 Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius and up) can be expected between June – August. Constant trade winds make it more comfortable during the day.

Culture & population

The majority of people in Aruba speak four languages: Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish and English. The island is home to 120,000 people with nearly 100 different nationalities. The multi-cultural population is also reflected in Aruba’s varied culinary offerings with over 250 restaurants and bars providing everything under the sun to satisfy every craving.

Safety & repeaters

Aruba is considered one of the safest islands in the Caribbean and is known for its very friendly, warm and welcoming people, underlining the destinations’ tagline One happy island. As a result, Aruba has the highest repeat visitor rates in the region with more than half of its visitors returning.


The island is know for its grand and extravagant Carnival celebrations with many parades and participants decked out in colorful feathers and rhinestones. Onlookers and visitors can enjoy the various parades in designated areas alongside the road. Aruba’s Carnival parade season opens the first Saturday in January with a Torch Parade, followed by the big parades in the weekend leading up to Ash Wednesday. Its a beautiful spectacle and one of the most elaborate Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean.


Centrally located between Florida and the coast of Venezuela and daily direct service to Europe, Aruba serves as an ideal hub for international travels from the Caribbean region.

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